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YOU are NOT special

This speech should be repeated at EVERY High School, EVERY year, for the Next 100 years.  I have met and coached players who fell into this egocentric “i am special” mentality… YOU have been lied to and duped.  This GenX group will be Americas downfall, unless YOU wake up from your slumber and shed off your Nasty Self-Centered Universe.

The Universe has no center. therefore YOU cannot be it!

We must remember that although he IS telling them something true, no high school graduate in the country is special at all, we all have the ability to BECOME special. That’s what he was trying to say. COMMENCEMENT means that now its your turn to go out and DO something. He doesn’t believe there is no hope for this generation; he simply believes that its up to us to push that hope out into the open.

Coach Hudy

A very epic day for our warriors with a visit from Coach Andrea Hudy, Dr Vardiman and KU staff. These are but a few of the photos taken today. I plan to post the other via the DVIDS and official linked sites. I wanted to share the good news with my students and athletes!

Ladie Abbie

Huddle up

Huddle up

Check out the soundbyte from one of our players, our Team Captain and freind!


Joe’s unforgettable impersonations…

Road Trip Vid

Make sure to select 1080HD from the YouTube page, in order to enjoy this trailer.

Utah – 1

Media Day

Short trip and visit, glad we took the opportunity to speak and interact with other coaches, especially those who are able to teach us a thing or two… LOL




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Utah — May 1-3


BST… BLOOD + SWEAT + TEASRS… Listen to the lyrics, a sign of champion team is KNOWing you already won. In life and in Love you set your BAR high, and seek to achieve that height. Some people will understand what this LIFE was about while others remain lost, dazed, and confused. I am honored to have met you, I am deeply touched by your respect in allowing me to share my limited knowledge of the game. “Players” may come and Players may go, but the True Athlete is the FRIEND I KNOW…. Coach Maxwell, the Old Guy that can still jump!


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